HowToWear is the ultimate fashion resource for women to know how to wear and style all different types of clothing. HowToWear makes fashion easy! Check in with HowToWear when getting dressed or out shopping in order to make the most of your wardrobe! HowToWear is your very own personal fashion stylist in your pocket!

Choose an item and see lots of great ways to style it. Have fun by exploring new types of items that you may have not tried yet and by trying new ways to wear your old staples. Use this website as a way to learn what combinations of cuts and colors look fantastic together, and refine your fashion style by embracing looks that represent your personality. HowToWear has all the inspiring outfits you need for putting together your wardrobe. 

our mission

Too many women have the problem of feeling like they don't know what they're doing when it comes to fashion. Our mission is to enable women to know what they're doing and have confidence when dressing! Never worry or stress about your style again because with the click of a button you know how to make great outfits that POP!


Created by fashion stylist Janelle Paige, HowToWear has offices in San Diego, California and Rome, Italy. Fashion and travel are our greatest passions - so we bring you the latest and best fashion info, products, brands, and styling advice from around the globe. Love your style, love your wardrobe!

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