How Style Works

Fashion stylist Janelle Paige's new eBook How Style Works: A Fashion Stylist's Secrets to Creating Your Own Amazing Personal Style is here! 

It's a 310-page guide to building your best wardrobe yet, featuring everything you need to know to discover and refine your personal style, overhaul your closet, and learn how to shop in a smarter, more thoughtful way. How Style Works is presented as the same styling system Janelle Paige goes through with her clients one-on-one. Janelle walks you through each aspect you need to consider for dressing well.

You'll find all of Janelle's favorite tips and techniques (including lots of new, book-exclusive ones), step-by-step instructions, creative exercises, pep talks, infographics and lots of beautiful illustrations by Davesa Designs.

You can order your copy of How Style Works here: