New ebook!

Fashion stylist Janelle Paige's new ebook How Style Works: Behind the Scenes Secrets from a Fashion Stylist on Creating Your Own Unique Look is here! 

It's a 255-page guide to building your best wardrobe yet, featuring everything you need to know to discover and refine your personal style, overhaul your closet, and learn how to shop in a smarter, more thoughtful way. How Style Works is presented as the same styling system Janelle Paige goes through with her clients one-on-one. Janelle goes over every aspect of how to make your own amazing look.

Each chapter is intended as a step—go through each and follow the directions to fill out your features on the workbook pages provided.

  • Chapter 1: Discover your personal coloring (hair color, skin color, eye color) and how to strategically apply this knowledge when dressing.

  • Chapter 2: Read all about body shape, proportions, and face shape.

  • Chapter 3: Learn how to use ancient eastern principles of Feng Shui to best bring out your energy (it’s like magic!).

  • Chapter 4: Look inside yourself to reveal your style personality!

  • Chapter 5: See how to best tailor your wardrobe and outfits for each season.

  • Chapter 6: Learn how to plan your wardrobe for each activity in your life.

  • Chapter 7: Master the keys to remember when getting dressed and how to make outfits that pop!

You'll find all of Janelle's favorite tips and techniques (including lots of new, book-exclusive ones), step-by-step instructions, creative exercises, pep talks, infographics and lots of beautiful illustrations by Davesa Designs.

How Style Works is available to purchase at Amazon


What readers are saying:

“Love this book! It's a book on getting your inner fashionista organized. It's pretty to look at, high quality book with tons of advice.” - Melissa

“I highly recommend this! Well done! After reading this book, I feel like I've just had a wonderful conversation - and therapy session! - with a good friend...thanks, Janelle!” - Rachel

“BUY. THIS. BOOK. I just finished reading it and I cannot recommend it highly enough! Janelle’s ideas are practical and realistic! As a 55 year old woman, I feel like reading this book has quite literally given me a new lease on life (I’m sure that sounds over-the-top, but I’m not exaggerating.) I’m planning on rereading and on using this book to inform and transform the second half of my life.” - Jodi



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