boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are rough, rugged and manly. Inherently casual due to their looser cut and often distressed (or destroyed) finish, boyfriend jeans can still look sexy and super stylish! All their character means they make easy outfits when paired with simple tops and shoes. Boyfriend jeans have a lot of character but are actually easy to wear. Try boyfriend jeans with sweaters and coats in the fall and winter, and tanks and tees in the spring and summer! Either contrast your boyfriend jeans' baggy cut with a fitted or cropped top, or match their cut with a full or chunky top. Just make sure to show some body definition somewhere - for boyfriend jeans it's usually best to show a bit of ankle!

Being inherently casual in nature boyfriend jeans tend to be appropriate for casual, non-work settings. A natural choice for comfortable but chic weekend wear, pair boyfriend jeans with T-shirts, sweet tops, pullover sweaters, etc. When worn with sleek dressy heels and tops, boyfriend jeans are great for lunch or dinner dates as well!