Black short shorts

Short shorts are so cute!

Add a striped or graphic tee:

Add a solid tee:

Add a plaid shirt:

Add a blouse or collared shirt:

Add a tank or cami:

Add a pullover sweater:

Add a long cardigan:

Add a jacket or coat:



Short shorts are cute and sexy! A classic staple in warm summer weather, little shorts help keep you cool and show off your pretty gams. Feel comfortable in tiny shorts by styling them with fuller coverage tops and/or shoes - this is why short shorts look so right with cowboy boots or a long-sleeved peasant top! You’ll wear them all summer long but some short shorts are wearable at other times of the year too. In winter, try denim cutoffs with tights (it’s not a no-no) or wear a chic pair in black leather.

Knowing how to wear black short shorts is easy with this guide!