Cherry red wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants are having a moment again!

Add a tiny top:

Add a pretty top:

Add a sweater:

Add a jacket:



Cherry red looks amazing with yellow, white, gray, tan, green, blue, and black.


Wide-leg pants are full and voluminous so wear them with a more fitted top, a tucked-in top, or a crop top. Try cherry red wide-leg pants in the fall and winter with long-sleeve tops and jackets, and in the spring and summer with little tops and tees! Wide-leg pants come in many different styles – there’s one for any activity! Wide-leg pants are a perfect addition to your work wardrobe - just be sure to pair them with slimmer cut tops and jackets. See the outfits above for all the possibilities!

Knowing how to wear cherry red wide-leg pants is easy with this guide!