Light blue mini skirts

Little mini skirts are fun and flirty!

Add a cami or tank:

Add a tee:

Add a cute top:

Add a sweater:

Add a jacket:

Color Theory:


Light blue looks amazing with red, gray, brown, orange, pink, white, and yellow.


 Mini skirts are super feminine and highlight your legs! Since mini skirts are little they can handle more volume up top or layers. Play around with the length of your tops and jackets to either be shorter or longer than your skirt hem. Wear light blue mini skirts with blouses and sweaters in the fall and winter, and cute tops and tees in the spring and summer! Mini skirts are best for non-work occasions because they are so girly and sexy. Wear them for the weekend, lunch, or dinner/night occasions. If not too short or tight, you can wear them to the office carefully!

Knowing how to wear light blue mini skirts is easy with this guide!