Burgundy parkas

Get warm in a parka coat!

Add blue or black:


Color theory:

Burgundy looks amazing with blues, light green, tan, white, black, and grays.


We love how cute parka coats are! Parkas are especially great for casual wear, but they can also be worn to work or even to dressier dinner occasions (just choose a more refined parka for this). A staple of winter fashion, parkas are adorable and on top of that they are so incredibly cozy and warm. They are appropriate in the colder weather months of most geographies - not just Alaska or Ireland!

You may think parkas wouldn’t be as adorable and chic on as they are because they are pretty covering and chunky. But they are! The trick is to contrast their bigness with something underneath that is tight, skimpy, or sleek and polished. Something like skinny jeans, a mini skirt and tights, or a slim shift dress. That way your frame isn’t too overwhelmed and people can still see you have a body under there. Wear a burgundy parka coat in fall, winter, or early spring!

Knowing how to wear burgundy parka coats is easy with this guide!