Light blue puffer jackets

Wear a puffer jacket to be super cute and warm in the winter!

Add white or brown:

Add more blue or black:



Light blue looks amazing with red, orange, pink, yellow, white, gray, and brown.


A puffer jacket/coat is an excellent wardrobe addition in the cold months! Wear it like you would an coat - layer it on top of your outfits to arrive warm and cozy wherever you're going. Puffer jackets have a sporty, ski-slope vibe which looks appropriate with casual clothes or gives edge to sweeter and sophisticated pieces such as pretty dresses and high-heel boots. A light blue puffer jacket will keep you toasty this winter! Puffer jackets are versatile and more wearable than you may think. Throw them on top of any outfit - from your casual weekend clothes to fancier evening looks!

Knowing how to wear light blue puffer jackets is easy with this guide!