Cherry red pullover sweaters

Pullover sweaters are versatile and cozy!

Add white:

Add pink or more red:

Add tan or green:

Add blue:

Add gray or black:



Cherry red looks amazing with yellow, white, gray, tan, green, blue, and black.


Pullover sweaters are incredibly useful especially in the cold months! You'll want to have several in different colors. Wear them alone, layered over blouses, or layered under dresses, jumpsuits or jackets and coats! Wear cherry red pullover sweaters all the time in the fall and winter and wear light-weight and short sleeve versions in the spring and summer! Pullover sweaters in simple styles and muted shades are great for work wear. They are modest and can go with many bottoms. Go for pullover sweaters in girly hues for weekend or lunch, or sexy styles for dinner!

Knowing how to wear cherry red pullover sweaters is easy with this guide!