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Burgundy maxi skirts

Maxi skirts make you feel so pretty and graceful! Maxi skirts are great for the weekend, lunch, dinner, or even work sometimes. For contrast, a maxi skirt looks amazing with a top that's cropped or fitted, or something polished like a crisp button down shirt. Or go like-with-like by pairing your maxi skirt with an oversized sweater. Maxi skirts can be so chic for spring, summer, fall, or winter!

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Burgundy mini skirts

 Mini skirts are super feminine and highlight your legs! Since mini skirts are little they can handle more volume up top or layers. Play around with the length of your tops and jackets to either be shorter or longer than your skirt hem. Wear cherry red mini skirts with blouses and sweaters in the fall and winter, and cute tops and tees in the spring and summer! Mini skirts are best for non-work occasions because they are so girly and sexy. Wear them for the weekend, lunch, or dinner/night occasions. If not too short or tight, you can wear them to the office carefully!

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Burgundy midi skirts

Midi skirts fall anywhere from just below the knee to mid-calf - an elegant and graceful length that was popular in the 1940s. The midi skirt silhouette has definitely been revived in recent fashion years. The cut may seem hard to wear but it's really not. Embrace the newly revived midi skirt silhouette, it is sure to make you feel chic! Just follow the outfit examples here. Midi skirts are awesome character/interest pieces to include in your wardrobe. They are great in interesting colors or prints, or with details like pleats or an eyelet border near the hem. Midi skirts with color or print are surprisingly wearable because they pair so well with your basics!

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