Wedding guest: fall

What to wear for a fall wedding - wedding guest ideas for outfits, hair & makeup!

Getting dressed to attend a wedding is all about romance! Embody romance in your clothes, accessories, hair and makeup. That means elements such as florals, lace, silk, satin, embroidery, ruffles, pearls, jewels, flowing dresses and hair, and colors like pastels, pinks, reds, and purples. Be appropriate for a fall wedding with metallic gold or silver, bright magenta pink, or velvets. You’ll need a little more coverage than you would for a summer wedding - so go with a longer cut dress, closed-toe shoes, or an addition of a blazer.

Remember to consider the setting of the wedding as well! Is it in the daytime or evening? Is it going to be at a beach, in the country, at a church, or is it black tie? Also, take into account any notes indicated on the invitation such as “festive.”


A dress is of course a go-to choice for a wedding guest outfit. Wear a pretty, girly dress like one of these. Remember, wearing a white, ivory, or light buff color dress is very tricky - a white dress is generally considered a no-no for a wedding guest. You don’t want to upstage the bride (or be mistaken for her), so if your dress is light colored make sure it has something like floral detailing that makes it distinct enough.



If you feel like wearing something a bit different than a dress, try a jumpsuit! A jumpsuit can be very elegant and unique.



Wanting to go the two-piece route? How about a sweet skirt and top!



Dresses and skirts not really your thing? You can definitely wear an elegant pants outfit to a wedding! Try a pretty pink pair of pants or classic black, and add a dressy top. Or how about a gorgeous colored pantsuit!


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Knowing how to wear fall wedding guest outfits is easy with this guide!