Bobby pins

Bobby pin hairstyle ideas

Bobby pins can be used in so many ways! Make a deep side part and secure the side at eye level, accent your ear with them, graphically layer them along your hairline, use them to hold a pouf at your crown, fix half your hair up, pin side twists, accent a bun or braid, or encircle your whole head below your crown. Experiment with different sizes and colors of bobby pins too!

One side, eye level:

Try multiple bobby pins on one side of your part! Putting them at about eye level really draws attention to your eyes. This style works best with colored bobby pins, not plain ones, since they're more decorative (unless you space out plain ones like Elle Fanning did). Or, go super simple with a single bobby pin.


One side, creative:

Get a little fancier by creating rows, criss crossing your pins, or making a couple little groups of pins! There are so many styling options. Use plain bobby pins, colored, or even sparkly pink!


One side, behind ear:

Wear your bobby pins behind your ear to slick back the side of your hair. Do a row, cross them, or make a pretty radial, fan shape!


Layered at hairline:

Go crazy for pins and use lots along your hairline! Use them criss-crossed, neatly arranged in a row, or even in hashtag formations.


Simply pinned:

Use just one or a couple pins for a simple but really cute look!


To add volume:

We love this idea for bobby pins - using them as a way to create volume in your hairstyle! It's a great way to pouf up the top of your hair when wearing a low bun or ponytail (which is especially needed for fine hair). Or, when wearing your hair down add lift to the top or crown by putting bobby pins in a row or a triangle.


Half up, half down:

Create a lovely half up hairstyle with bobby pins! Just loosely pull some pieces back, or braid both front sides of your hair and secure those.


Easy twists:

Pull back one or both sides of your hair and secure with bobby pins - so simple and great for everyday and work hairstyles.


Accented braids & buns:

Incorporate bobby pins into your braid or bun hairstyle! They make such a sweet accent whether you put them in a straight line, form arrows or triangles, scatter them irregularly, make hashtags, or put a row of different pastel colored pins.


Ponytail embellishment:

How sweet are bobby pins when combined with ponytails? We think it really brings them to the next level! Try rows, a single jewel-end bobby pin, or scatter them on the side of your head.


Encircling head:

We saved the most elaborate for last - totally encircling your head with practically the whole pack of bobby pins! Feel like a goddess with your crown of pins.


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