How to wear a scarf in your hair

Wearing scarves in your hair is absolutely gorgeous! A scarf can really pull an outfit together if you choose a color that coordinates or complements your clothing. You likely already have some scarves in your closet that would be perfect for this! Take your look to the next level by throwing one in your hair - it's so easy.

Ponytail tie:

Create a super pretty look with a scarf tying off your ponytail! Use either an actual scarf or use a ponytail holder with attached scarf.


Bun tie:

Wrap a scarf around your bun! This works on a high or low bun, with the ends of the scarf loosely out or tied in a big bow.



A classic way to wear a scarf in your hair - as a simple headband! You can tied it at the base of your neck or at the top of your head. Secure the scarf, if needed, with bobby pins behind your ears.


Hippie headband:

For a bohemian feel, tie your scarf around your forehead on top of your hair.



For a really wrapped up look, go for a turban-tied scarf!



Wrap your scarf around your head and tie it simply! This will keep your hair out of your face and works well in the summer.


Retro Headscarf:

For vintage vibes, tie your scarf like one of these beautiful examples!


Braids & twists:

Get super creative with your scarf and braid it into your hair!


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Knowing how to wear scarves in your hair is easy with this guide! How will you wear yours?


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