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How to do your hair for a wedding - see all the ideas for wedding guest hairstyles here!

Complement your beautiful wedding guest outfit with gorgeous hair. Here, see tons of ideas for hairstyles that are appropriate for attending a wedding. As discussed in our wedding guest outfit posts, dressing for a wedding is all about romance - so continue that feeling with hair that has braids, waves, twists, or embellishments like pearl bobby pins!


There are so many braided hairstyles you can wear for a wedding guest outfit! You could go with a classic french braid, multiple tiered braids, a mohawk braid, tucked braids, braids that get wrapped into a bun, or milkmaid braids.


Side braids:

Wear your hair in a pretty side braid!


Boxer braids:

Looking for something a little more unique? Boxer braids definitely create hair interest.



A ponytail, whether sleek and low or voluminous and high, is a great choice for wedding hair. It’s a pretty easy hairstyle to do, too!


Bubble ponytails:

Have some fun with a bubble ponytail! People will think you look like a goddess - you’re sure to get many complements on your hair.



A messy topknot or huge, high bun complements an elegant outfit so well.



Chignons are a classic choice for dressing up to attend a wedding! Try a simple bun at the nape of your neck, or experiment with wrapped braids or twists.


French twists:

How about a classy french twist to complement your dressy outfit?


Faux bobs:

A faux bob is fun to wear when dressing up! It gives your hair some lift and volume, while allowing your pretty shoulders and decolletage to be highlighted.


Wear your hair down:

If you’d like to wear your hair down for the wedding, try a style like one of these! Wavy hair with a side part is one of our favorites.


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Knowing how to wear your hair for a wedding is easy with this guide!

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