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Wedding guest: spring

Getting dressed to attend a wedding is all about romance! Embody romance in your clothes, accessories, hair and makeup. That means elements such as florals, lace, silk, satin, embroidery, ruffles, pearls, jewels, flowing dresses and hair, and colors like pastels, pinks, reds, and purples. Be appropriate for spring with bright florals, lace, yellow, or navy blue. You’ll need a little more coverage than you would for a summer wedding - so go with a longer cut dress, closed-toe shoes, or an addition of a blazer.

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Wedding guest: makeup

How to do your makeup for a wedding? We put together our top tips to help you bring your whole wedding beauty look together! As a wedding guest, in general we recommend focusing on playing up either your eyes OR lips - that way you won’t look over-the-top or upstage the bride. Go with a bold lip and light eye makeup, or vice versa. Another option is to do an overall soft/natural/pretty look with light colors. Or lastly, you could go all-out glam with a full face which is appropriate for certain settings such as a fancy evening wedding.

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Wedding guest: hair

Complement your beautiful wedding guest outfit with gorgeous hair. Here, see tons of ideas for hairstyles that are appropriate for attending a wedding. As discussed in our wedding guest outfit posts, dressing for a wedding is all about romance - so continue that feeling with hair that has braids, waves, twists, or embellishments like pearl bobby pins!

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